We are very glad that you want to know more about us.

Portuguesebeginners.co is one of the web project of KPLinguo, Pune, India. KPLinguo is one of the renowned language school in Pune with 4 branches all over India.

We teach various languages for students & working professionals. This includes languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, English, Sanskrit and many more.

We are accompanied with one of the best language teachers for the languages that we teach at KPLinguo.

Our mission is to reach and teach every single person who wants to learn and understand the beauty of language. Therefore we came up with idea of this website so, we could reach as many people possible and serve the knowledge for free.

This free language learning one could do online by this website or through our app.

The content available here is exclusive copyright of KPLinguo.

For any other queries or for addressing any other issues kindly contact us through our contact page.


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