Common Phrases, Questions, Thanking & Welcoming People in Portuguese

Common Phrases!!

One of the most important things about different languages is that they also have different expressions.

You will notice sometimes that "word by word" translations can result in sentences that simply don't make any sense.

Remember: different languages think different!


Just a grammar tip before you start:

Portuguese does not invert word order or add auxiliary verbs for asking questions, just add the question mark and you are ready to go!
Você fala português! = You speak Portuguese!

Você fala português? = Do you speak Portuguese?

Thanking people:

Thank you = obrigado (if you are a man)

Thank you = obrigada (if you are a woman)

We don't really translate the "you" in that expression, we see it as a whole thing.

You are welcome! = De nada! - This is what you answer when someone thanks you.

Welcoming people:

To welcome people, we use "bem-vindo". As an adjective, it inflects according to gender and number.

Translations of "Welcome!":
GenderNumberImperative "to be" (optional) (1)Welcome

(1) Don't worry too much about the imperative conjugations now, there will be lessons for it later :)

You are welcome! = Você é bem-vindo(a) - this is the literal translation when you say someone is welcome somewhere. It's not an answer to "thank you".
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